Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Intention Meets Attention--Miracles Happen

It takes faith to move beyond the fears of our subconscious programming. The One Command creates the intention and faith (trust without evidence) focuses our attention. The creative power of intention aligned with the action steps that flow from attention leads to transformation from where we are to where we want to be.

I recently had the opportunity to practice what I teach. There is nothing like personal experience to more deeply understand the teachings of The One Command. In January I was working with Anne and Sandy who were organizing The One Day-The One Command seminar for me in Philadelphia. Registration was not going well. Response was slow and it was looking as if the seminar would not happen. I had signed a contract with a hotel for the conference room and was looking at losing a lot of money. We did some brainstorming around how to draw people to the class and agreed to talk later that week with more ideas. We ended the conversation with commanding for what we wanted—30 students for the seminar.

I hung up the phone and slammed right into my old childhood programming. In a panic, I heard my inner critic telling me how I would lose all that money, how I would fail as expected, yet again. The best I could do was to take the loss and stay home. My pattern of ‘attempt/overwhelm/give up’ was running amok. We have 67,000 thoughts a day running in a 90 minute cycle 24/7, and that day in January all 67,000 thoughts were focused on my failures. I was shaking and nauseous as fear flowed through my veins and “I told you so” rang in my ears.

I know that challenges in life are really gifts wanting to be opened, wanting to be brought into the Light and transformed. I talk it and now it was time to walk it. So I called Asara and asked for help in understanding and clearing the old programs keeping me stuck. As I was in the middle of my panic, she suggested that if I were going to fail I might want to fail moving forward instead of failing by giving up. Give it a try she suggested and see what happens. So I did.

Within a week of shifting out of my fears and focusing my attention on my intention, the doors in Philadelphia flew open and registrations began to pour in. Anne and Sandy were busy registering people, sharing their stories of TOC and attending to the details of putting together a seminar. They did an amazing job pulling it all together and we delighted in working together.

The truth is it was never about Philadelphia or the seminar or the people involved. There really is no out there out there. It really is just me having a relationship with different aspects of myself projected onto other people around me. I used The One Command to shift what I thought was possible. I came to the edge of my old programming of wanting to quit and made a different choice. I chose a new way of being in the world—not a perfect life without challenges, but as a master of my life.