Friday, September 11, 2009

Reclaiming Your Sacred Self

What is a Sacred Self and how do you reclaim it? Your Sacred Self is that part of you that is always held separate, protected and away from any craziness you may have experienced growing up. We all have that part within us. Some of us are more connected to it than others. Sometimes we move in and out of connection with it. She/he is always there—waiting for us to pay attention and reclaim the power within. The more traumatic our childhood, the more disconnected we become from our Sacred Self. Our Sacred Self is eternally innocent and profoundly powerful. When we live disconnected from that part of ourselves, we are only living a partial life. When we are disconnected from our Sacred Self, we are disconnected from our greatest power to create.

I recently had an experience that showed me how disconnected from my Sacred Self I had become. Without really noticing, I was spending increasingly more time working, doing, building and less time being in connection and communion with myself. Even during my daily meditation times I was ignoring that part of me that ‘completes’ me.

There is a funny saying called “Murphy’s Law’ that says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and Murphy’s Law was actively at play in my life one day several weeks ago. Life around me seemed to be falling apart right before my eyes. I had been commanding for several things to show up in my life and for specific changes to take place. Now, had I taken the time to remember that I had commanded for change I might have experienced that day very differently.
But I became so caught up in what was disintegrating right in front of me that I fell back into an old pattern, which is to collapse under the anxiety, fear & pain. My life was over, my marriage would soon follow, I’d lose my home and I should just give up and get a job at minimum wage and be content. I felt lost, frustrated, overwhelmed and completely hopeless that life would ever get better. I was so caught up in the anxiety and trying to use my conscious mind to figure my way out that all I know, use and teach was buried under the anxiety.

I turned to 2 friends for help out of the quagmire I found myself in. Both are not only good friends, but incredible practitioners and teachers of TOC. With their help I was able to see that my life wasn’t falling apart---my life was changing. It was changing because of the commands I had made. I had commanded to be in closer contact with all parts of me; to be connected to and have a deeper relationship with myself. My job now was to now stop trying to piece the old back together and allow those commands to manifest fully in my life. I was reminded that when the going seems to get rough, that is the exact time to step up the commanding—to command even more. Pain, anxiety and fear are messengers. They carry powerful information for us if we but choose to pay attention.

So, I gave myself the gift of time—the time to focus in on myself and what was calling for healing in my life. I committed to walk what I talk. For several days I commanded for everything. I commanded to feel peaceful as I addressed each issue. I commanded for clarity in the next steps. I commanded to keep moving forward. I commanded for resolution, for deeper connection with the people around me, for opportunities & lucky breaks. I sometimes even commanded to remember to breathe. I allowed the shifts in consciousness to happen and I allowed myself to surrender to the process and trust that I was moving in the right direction.
From that experience I re-committed to myself. I re-chose what I wanted. I re-decided.
And I reconnected to my Sacred Self. Once I allowed all the junk to unwind and dissolve, there she was. Simply waiting—as all our Sacred Selves are. With my connection to my Sacred Self present and strong, my creativity and energy are greatly enhanced. Clarity is my companion. I am hearing, seeing and feeling in new ways. New opportunities have sprung up over night and I am playing in the world very differently than before. ALL parts of me are showing up and the world is responding to me in exciting, wonderful and refreshing ways.

If you are finding your world collapsing around you, I invite you to give yourself that gift of time. Take the time to listen to your Sacred Self and the messages it has for you. Instead of collapsing under the weight of the pain, anxiety and fear, trying surrendering it and allowing something new and wonderful to take its place. Seek help if you need it.

Re-commit, re-choose, re-decide. Re-claim your Sacred Self. Re-claim the power within you to re-create your life.

Bonnie Strehlow

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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