Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How real is Reality?

I'm sure you've heard by now that you create your reality.  People either love that saying or they hate it; rarely is there an in-between feeling about it.  From the viewpoints of quantum science and metaphysics it is true.  You do create your reality because what you experience as your 'reality' is based upon what you unconsciously believe to be true about life.  If you believe that you can achieve any goal you set your mind too--then you do.  That is your reality.  If you, however, have experiences that prove that nothing you ever do will amount to much, then that is the reality that you experience.

It seems complicated, but actually it is really quite simple.  Whatever you believe is true shows up in your life as proof that it is true.  Growing up I learned through experiences that no matter what I achieved in life, someone would always take it away from me, so why even bother.  And that was my reality for many years.  I would achieve something or have something and, sure enough, someone came along and took it away from me.  Why?  Because I expected it.  That belief was so ingrained in my subconscious and my identity that I unconsciously drew in people who took things from me--proving to me that my belief was accurate.

Doesn't make sense to the rational, logical mind, but then your subconscious is neither rational nor logical.  It just holds the beliefs that we formed early in childhood that helped us navigate our life.

Conversely, I have 4 grown children who always achieve their goals.  In fact, it has never occurred to them that maybe they couldn't have what they wanted.  They learned from experiences that when they decided they wanted something, all the people, support and resources would be there to help them succeed.  And now that is their reality.  I watch each of them as they decide on a course in life and then go about having it.  They are each my heroes.

Quantum science tells us that everything that is possible is happening around us all at once.  It is what we have learned to pay attention to, based on our belief systems, that determine what we consider our reality.  Every second we are bombarded by billions of bits of information, but our mind can only pay attention to a finite number and the rest is simply deleted.

Say for instance that you didn't feel very smart.  That was your belief--"I'm not very smart."  Because that you held that belief, you probably made choices based on being 'not very smart'.  Those choices created behaviors that showed you weren't very smart, which only reinforced the belief.  With me so far?

Now if I lined up 100 people and the first 99 stood in front of you and said "Wow.  You're the smartest person I know." you might smile and nod your head, but internally you are deleting their comment--because it doesn't fit with your subconscious belief.  Now that 100th person walks up to you and says "You aren't very smart are you?" and you will likely agree with them!

That is how the mind deletes what doesn't fit with your core beliefs and accepts what does fit.  It's not a matter of good/bad or right/wrong.  It is just how beliefs and the mind work.

The beauty is that a belief is a belief and beliefs can be changed in an instant.

More on that in my next article!

I witness your mastery.