Friday, August 21, 2009

Miracles happen when mind, thoughts & body come into alignment

This is a wonderful story about healing in a moment. I was attending the One Command Leadership Certification training with Asara Lovejoy & Kathryn Perry. Sixteen of us together for 12 days of training to teach the One Command seminars. What we call a 'miracle' is the mind, our thoughts & our body coming into harmony & alignment in a instant to 'discreate' a physical challenge. Lesley's 'miracle' was inspiring to all of us who witnessed her total transformation. I hope it is inspiring for you as well.

"For all who do not know me, I'm from Somerset in England and received an email from Asara sometime in July. i say sometime because I'm not sure what the date is anymore. The story so far -

I received this email at about 11 p.m. on a Monday evening and thought, Oh an email from Asara she wants to tell me about a seminar in America that I won't be able to afford, I'll delete it in the morning and promptly went to bed.

Well - the next morning Tuesday (something or another) I didn't delete the email and opened it. Goodness, the Commanding Wealth Seminar was in Chicago this weekend. Something happened in that moment and I told myself I would go.

As I said I'm from England and so waited eight hours for Asara and Kathryn to wake up. In those hours I deliberated and tentatively looked for suitable flights. I rang Kathryn that afternoon at 5p.m. my time in such a state of 'I'm going' 'what if I can't?'

Kathryn confirmed I could and so a hotel. flight and the course were booked within 30 minutes. I packed a small overnight bag as I was only going for the three days, went to sleep and the following morning at 5.30a.m. was on my way to a London airport for the 11.30a.m. flight.

On the first day of the CW Seminar Asara, who had taught me Theta four years ago in England told me of the Leaders course in Widbey this August and I should attend. I don't know why but I said 'yes' straight away.

To cut a long story short I stayed in America and have been with Asara and Kathryn since Chicago. We have had such a fantastic time the past few weeks on the Leadership course and on the last day we were shown Physical healing.

WELL and this is truly amazing - I have suffered from not being able to stand upright, a sort of leaning forward all my life. My mother took me to ballet when I was about two and a half years old to sort it out. I HATED BALLET and would cry all the time I was there. The teacher would not keep me in the class and said I was disrupting the class by me crying. I went to the leading Osteopath in England, in fact the first osteopath to be recognised in the profession. He could not do anything. I've been to sports masseurs, normal masseurs, acupunture you name it I've tried it all to no avail. Until yesterday!

It took about an hour maybe an hour and a half, very emotional memories came up and as on most of the days in the past two weeks my mascara ended up somewhere near my chest. My guide on this exercise was so very intuitive and found the core belief very quickly. We went through the steps needed and I got up and walked tall. You have no idea how emotional that was and still is to me. My eyes are watering as I type.

If any of you who are not yet leaders wish to think about becoming one, Asara holds the course twice a year and I can vouch for the August course. A very very good August for me, one I will remember for the rest of my life.

I'm returning to England next week and will be taking The One Command there, in fact my first Commanding Wealth is in September. You are all so lucky to have Asara, Kathryn, Bonnie, Penny and last but not least Katie here in your country.

Well I hope you haven't fallen asleep with the length of this email, keep well and happy all of you and we'll speak soon.

Yahoo! I'm standing tall!"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't just change your life ~ Transform it

Do you often think that you need to improve some aspect of your life? Or to change it? You may be able to shift a few things and then for awhile your life seems better, but it doesn't last. Something or someone comes along and...there you are, back in that old pattern again.

How you language your life creates your life. The words you use create an intensity of emotions. You make decisions based upon your emotions. Your emotions drive your behaviors and your behaviors form your world. Consciously choosing powerful words creates a different perspective, so why not choose powerful words!

Close your eyes for a moment and say to yourself "I want to improve my life." Notice how that feels in your body. Do you get a sense of delight and excitement or is there little intensity? What about "I want to change my life." Maybe a bit more intensity?

Now say to yourself "I want to transform my life." How is that different in the way you feel, the images you see or the words you hear? Transform! There is power in that word beyond the meaning of the word itself. It carries a very different vibration than the other words. It is a word that says "Yes! Let's do it!"

To improve is to make something better. Improvement is good. Yet to improve is subject to fluctuation depending upon your mood, an event, a person. It is not a permanent state and one bad day can undo any 'improvement' you've made.

To change is to experience a shift in consciousness and behaviors. Change can be permanent and often is. Yet there are still limited thoughts and resources. There is the potential to regress--3 steps forward, 1 step back.

To transform is to think and act from your true nature. Your attention and intention are in alignment and harmony. You retain all that is authentic about you and have access to limitless resources. Old patterns cannot arise as they no longer exist. You can do, be and have from a different perspective permanently.

Why settle for improving or changing your life when you can transform it! I invite you to give yourself the gift of transformation and step into the Master that you already are. A whole new life awaits you!

Happy transforming,