Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hold fast to that which grounds you in times of trials. You can then allow your life to transform, re-form around you.

In times of uncertainty, find one thing that is certain and make that your foundation, your rock upon which to stand, your tree that holds you steady.
Be it your faith, your family, an ideal--whatever represents stability to you.
Hold fast to that which is certain and allow the rest of your life to realign
into the new.

If you have something to hold on to in these rapidly changing times, you allow the change to happen without fear & without interference.

Stand strong in the current. Hold fast to the tree. Ride out the storm.
Allow your life to become what you desire it to become.

Be one within yourself & all else falls into place.

Be present in the moment. Great things can only happen in the now.

Cherish your existence and your newness as the universe cherishes you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Allowing your heart's desires

You spend your life trying--trying to have this, trying to be that, trying to achieve, trying to get. No wonder you have such a 'trying' life! When you fall into the trap of trying to achieve a goal, you are in the energy of 'trying' which only begets more trying. Trying is wasted effort.

Release the need to try and ALLOW yourself to be, to do, to have. There really is only allowing. You allow yourself to have something or to be something....or you don't. It really is that simple.

If you have a dream, a heart's desire, there is nothing to achieve to do it. There is only the allowing it to be present in your life. From that position of allowing, your steps are guided differently.

It is when we don't fully believe, don't fully trust that we can have what we want that we experience lack and struggle.

I know someone who is living her heart's desire. From the time she was 4 years old she knew that her greatest desire was to be a mother. She never questioned it. Her action steps throughout her life were not in trying to being a mother; her action steps were about being a mother. Because she has allowed herself to have her greatest desire, her actions are focused on living and enjoying that desire. She knows who she is;she knows what is important to her. And she allows herself to live in accordance with deepest desire. Everything in her life flows from that allowing.

Thoughts and actions to achieve are very different than thoughts and actions to live & enjoy. If you already had your heart's desire, what would be different for you? What thoughts would you have? What actions would you be taking? What would you be doing differently? How would you see yourself differently? What would you know about yourself? What would you think about yourself?

Take some time to answer those questions, then allow yourself to be your heart's desire. Watch as your life changes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Magnificent. It’s a great word isn’t it? Just rolls off the tongue so deliciously. We are magnificent beings. Our spirit is magnificent. Our body is magnificence in physical form.

We are magnificent beings. Think about that for a moment. Close your eyes and turn inward. Say “I am magnificent.” What do you feel when you have that thought? What images do you see? What do you tell yourself…or hear? Just notice.

I AM magnificent! And it has changed how I perceive my world. The same issues are still there---and I see them completely differently. Like putting on new glasses…everything came into focus. I see them as opportunities! And choices! In an instant I went from feeling small & fearful over some things happening in my life to being empowered! Who wouldn’t want to feel empowered instead of fearful?! To feel possibilities instead of disappointment?

Are those ‘opportunities’ still hanging around? Sure. But instead of looking at them with dread or anger, I look at them from my own magnificent Self and say “hmmmm…how can this get turned around quickly to what I want?’ Can you FEEL the difference in that! The power in that? I get to have fun changing those areas of my life I’m not yet happy with. There is excitement in my day…a delicious hope of things happening now. When you live from your own magnificence, there is no judgment. Just thought, action & outcome.

I am magnificent! It is always there. YOUR magnificence is ALWAYS there. You are never not magnificent…you may behave in ways or make choices that are less than your magnificent self. But you…your body, your mind, your spirit---ALWAYS magnificent. It is your birthright to live from this place. It was the experiences in early childhood that trained you to believe something different about yourself. And, since you are NO LONGER a child—it is time to reclaim who you truly are. A most magnificent being! And just think….what would this world be like if we each lived from this place…saw everyone & everything from this place? What would that be like?

Do you consider yourself magnificent? If you do—in what ways are you magnificent? Make a list and celebrate your magnificence. If you don’t consider yourself magnificent~what are the reasons?

I have shared my magnificence with you. Will you share yours with me? I want to be in relationship with other magnificent beings…to be supported by them and to support them in theirs. I desire to hear from your magnificent self.