Saturday, May 23, 2009

The One Day-The One Command

Saturday, June 13th
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Seattle area
$225 pre-register
$50 Discount if you mention this blog!

The secret beyond The Secret
is secret no more!

The One Command® one-day event teaches you how to intentionally create your life and get the results you want.
Operate from the powerful state of theta-the new cutting-edge technology for creating instant change.
Based on the bestselling book
The One Command by Asara Lovejoy.

This is the Law of Attraction on speed and picks up where The Secret left off!

  • The ONE COMMAND that stops limitation and attracts more success, health, wealth and happiness in a moment
  • Six-steps to the theta brain-wave state
  • Operate in theta – that greater capacity within you
  • Remove the beliefs that keep you in strife and struggle
  • Reverse the flow of money TOWARDS you
  • The scientific brain research to achieve massive self-growth, creating instant change in your life.
  • Change your inner world and see the results in your outer world in every way imaginable!
Stories of The One Command:
  • Linda’s design business went from a small income to $10,000 a month within 5 months.
  • Donna had no real estate clients or even prospects the first of the year –within two weeks she had 9 solid new clients and two under contract.
  • Angela shifted her habitual procrastination to daily action steps and found joy & peace in her life.
  • Sandra commanded for greater income and within 2 days had a higher paying job that she loves.
  • Nola’s relationship with her adult children improved dramatically and her life is better than she could have imagined.
  • Suzanne says “I can't even find my old thoughts, they don't even exist. The only things that exist since this life transforming technique came into my life are potential and possibilities. I can't stop smiling and laughing inside. Like I know a Secret that the rest of the world is waiting to hear.”

The Teaching is Simple–the Results Are Amazing-The Benefits Are Infinite

To register contact: Bonnie Strehlow 253.719-8167