Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My journey to weight loss success

Since July 3rd of last year I have dropped 60 lbs. and 45.5” and gone from XL/1X tops to a size medium and from size 16 pants to a size 4. My original goal was to reclaim my body and my health, not to be a size 4, and not only did I reach that goal, but surpassed it! I feel great! I have more energy, greater vitality and my aches and pains are gone. Now I am exercising on a regular basis which is energizing and motivating me even more. Instead of dreading getting up early to exercise because it’s something I should be doing for my health, I bounce out of bed, grab my new workout clothes and pop in my favorite exercise DVDs. And that energy stays with me throughout the entire day. I am accomplishing goals in other areas of my life that before seemed impossible to take on.

So what finally started me on this weight loss journey? One morning I woke up and realized that I was tired of not feeling good in clothes, being uncomfortable in my own skin and making excuses for why I could never seem to lose the weight. I was tired of the emotional trap of trying to live in the present, but fearing the past, and I was just plain bored with my story of why I couldn’t have what I wanted. Reclaiming my body and my health became my top priority and highest value. After that it was a matter of stepping forward and taking action.

It was time to walk my talk. And what a walk it’s been! Starting with asking myself two questions, I began Commanding to be ready and Commanding to find the resources to be successful. The questions I focused on were: “What makes me feel alive?” and “Who am I when not being run by my past?” Using The One Command every step of the way led me to an eating plan that worked for me and got me past the cravings and old belief patterns around food and body image.

Taking to heart what I teach clients and students, I began tuning into my body several times a day and listening to what it had to say. And it had a lot to tell me about feelings!

All any feeling really wants is to be welcomed with understanding and compassion. It wants the room to unfold, to relax and tell its story—your story. It wants you to trust it enough to pay attention and, in listening, allow it to dissolve into nothingness.

What I experienced on this journey was way beyond just dropping the weight and looking good in clothes again. It was a total transformation of body, mind and spirit. I learned that the desire to eat when not hungry reveals what you really believe about life. Once I understood that, I began questioning the truth of my beliefs and Commanding for what I wanted instead. When I felt like giving up, I Commanded for the determination to continue. When everything was going well, I Commanded for even more of what I wanted. My feet were moving and my eyes were fixed on the goal. Along the way, I even learned to enjoy the journey that we call Life, trusting in myself and my greater intelligence to lead the way.

The results of this journey are evidenced every time I look in a mirror. The reflection I see is more than a thinner body; I see myself as I truly am—body, mind and spirit--and I fall in love all over again.

I witness your good health,


Monday, June 6, 2011

Four Essential Keys for Self-Healing

Here is a link to an article I wrote for Nightingale-Conant about the 4 essential keys you need
to know for self-healing.  Please read the article and leave any comments.