Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Freedom of Gratitude--the 30 day experiment

Gratitude is a powerful tool for change and it is available to you in every moment of your life.

Last night I spoke to about 40 women at a networking group. My topic was the Attitude of Gratitude. Katie & I are teaching a teleseminar this month on the Freedom of Gratitude. It seems that the topic of Gratitude is in the air this month—and much needed at this time too.

Yesterday morning while preparing for my talk, I was guided to spend minutes sitting in gratitude. No asking for anything, no writing in a journal, no ‘doing’. Just 10 minutes of being grateful for what I already have. What an experience!
Now 90% of my life is amazing and running smoothly. That leaves 10% just not where I want to be. What I didn't realize until I sat in gratitude for 10 minutes that the past several months I was so focused on the 10% that wasn't working that I forgot about being thankful for the 90% that IS wonderful! Worry & fear wil do that to you--make you forget everything but the loss, the disappointment, the lack!

Within just a few minutes I felt such incredible warmth spread through my body & my heart opening in ways it never did before. As I became aware of my old negative thinking, it began shifting and changing—remember no ‘doing’ just ‘being’.
Suddenly I was shown every situation, time, event in my life where I had ALWAYS gotten what I needed and asked for. I mean EVERY time. I also realized that the limitations and trials that came with each opportunity were of my own making.

Even when I was receiving everything that I asked for—my negativity was limiting my experience. Everything showed up according to what I expected and what I allowed.

Wow! Talk about a total shift in consciousness and emotional healing! I view my past completely differently now. My whole life has opened up in new ways---just using the power of gratitude.

SO—I have committed to spending 10 minutes in gratitude for the next 30 days. I’m doing this because the past 2 days have opened me to so much more than I imagined existed.

The experiment is simple—10 minutes a day sitting in gratitude. Doing nothing—no journaling, no commanding—just being present to the presence of gratefulness in your life. That’s it. 10 minutes a day for 30 days. Come join me!

Every day I will share with you my experiences from my 10 minutes of gratitude. Ii'm excited to discover what lies on the other side of 30 days!
In gratitude,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Don't Feel Well

How many times this year have you heard yourself say those words? I know I have and I have multiple ways of feeling good - and multiple ways of not feeling bad anymore. My teaching partner Bonnie is a medical intuitive and helped me get over fibromyalgia. I am trained in biofeedback and self-healing techniques from around the world, having studied in the continental U.S. and in Hawaii, and in China, Japan and Malaysia.

And still - I go through periods of time where I just don't feel well. What I also know is that our emotional pain, our negative self-talk and our old frozen beliefs hide out in the soma. Our cells are filled with messages of pain and fear and discomfort. And so paying attention to clearing what is there can make a great difference.

If you are like me, you probably  have done a lot of 'work' on yourself and made some great changes and have expanded your life multiple times. And then wham - you hit another wall. What if you changed your thinking when you hit that wall and embraced that wall as a message that it is time to take a turn on your path and find the Way that is now open to you.

Just a thought - I know when I remember to do that, I feel a whole lot better!

Blessings, Katie