Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last night was our first theme The One Command Circle ~ Pajama Party! Everyone showed up in their pajamas and we had a great time. I want to especially acknowledge Brian for being such a good sport and attending his first Circle in pajamas! And I want to welcome Sandy to her first Circle as well. She jumped right in, pajamas and all.

The hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and the ice cream sandwiches were the hit treats of the night. Popcorn, cheese & crackers and for those eating healthy, we had vegetables. Several months ago we added a door prize drawing, just for fun and fun it is. Kelly Warosh, our local Mary Kay lady, donated a beautiful gift of MK products for the drawing. Jane Summers has donated in the past an hour session with her. Everyone attending the Circle is encouraged to donate a service or product as a way to letting us know what they do and how we can support them in being even more successful. And there is always a gift certificate for free attendance to a future Circle or TeleCircle.

Along with our regular Circle format, we talked about the idea of your Magnificent Self and how living from your inner magnificence transforms your life. Each person shared one quality of magnificence they held for themselves and our group enthusiastically agreed & supported them in living that quality for a day.

I will toss out the same challenge to each of you. What is 1 thing about yourself that you believe is absolutely magnificent? Embrace that quality and live it for just one day and see what happens. The next day, choose another magnificent quality about yourself & live that for a day. Play with that and let me know what happens.

We had so much fun that we decided December's theme is to come dressed as your favorite holiday! Who might show up as a turkey? Or Santa? Or even an elf? I'll be digging our my jingle bells!

Our last gathering of 2009 is December 17th from 7-9 pm. Please come and join the fun! If you haven't been for awhile, no better time than now to wish a final blessing to 2009 and command for 2010.

Come play in our world and bring a friend.

May you know & live your Magnificence today!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Living Your Magnificent Self

Magnificent. It's a great word isn't it? Just rolls off my tongue so deliciously. "Magnificent: impressive to the mind or spirit. Exceptionally fine."

We are magnificent beings. Our spirit is magnificent. Our body is sheer magnificence in physical form. Yes, we are magnificent beings. Think about that for a moment. Close your eyes and turn inward. Say to yourself "I am magnificent!" What response do you get? What do you feel when you have that thought? What images do you see? What do you tell yourself...or hear?

I realized in meditation the other day my true magnificence. It was a bit uncomfortable at first to think of myself that way. I could easily accept that my divine self is magnificent, but my personality self? My physical form? Not so easy. I had my arguments about that notion, but I was committed to feeling magnificent, being magnificent in every way, so I commanded to realize myself in ALL my magnificence and was flooded with a sense of peace, grace & awesomeness flowing through me.

And I allowed myself the time to accept all that into every cell of my body, into my DNA as my thoughts, feelings & emotions aligned completely with that truth. I allowed the arguments, the anger, frustration, disappointment, disbelief, and judgments to dissolve and release. I wanted only what was magnificent in my life & in my DNA. I stayed in the process until I felt the alignment complete itself.

I AM magnificent! And it has changed how I perceive my world. The same issues are still there---and I see them completely differently. Like putting on new glasses, everything came into focus. They are no longer issues, problems or setbacks. I see them as opportunities! And choices! What?...... Yep—opportunities & choices.

In an instant I went from feeling small & fearful over some things happening in my life to being empowered! Who wouldn't want to feel empowered instead of fearful?! To feel possibilities instead of disappointment? Just the thought of that as a possibility; doesn't that stir something deep within you to say "I want that too!"

Are those 'opportunities' still hanging around? Sure. But instead of looking at them with dread or anger, I look at them from my own magnificent Self and say " can this get turned around quickly to what I want?' Can you FEEL the difference in that! The power in that? I get to have fun changing those areas of my life I'm not yet happy with. There is excitement in my day...a delicious hope of things happening now. When you live from your own magnificence, there is no judgment. Only thought, action & outcome and magnificent feelings.

I asked for...and image that I could continue to focus on in times I might be tempted to forget how absolutely magnificent I am. Then I commanded that symbol into my DNA. I am magnificent! I inhabit an absolutely magnificent body...and I expect that my body will heal & change as I hold that image of it. I am a magnificent person...and I know that my business flourishes even more, because I will see the magnificence in everyone I meet. And my family relationships grow even closer...because I relate to each person from my magnificent self to their magnificent self.

I spent a wonderful day this weekend with my daughter & 2 wonderful grandkids. To see them in their magnificence was an incredible experience. It changed my experience of that day. We had more fun than ever doing the things we normally do. They did nothing different than normal....then what was the difference? Because I was looking from my own magnificent state of being...their magnificence wasrevealed to me. I could see it because I was looking for it and EXPECTED to find it. We find what we expect to find. YOUR magnificence is ALWAYS there.

You are never not magnificent. You may behave in ways or make choices that are less than your magnificent self. But you...your body, your mind, your spirit---are ALWAYS magnificent. You are hard-wired to live from this place; it is in your DNA. It was experiences in early childhood that trained you to believe something different about yourself. And, since you are no longer a child—it is time to reclaim who you truly are. A most magnificent being! And just think....what would this world be like if we each lived from this place...saw everyone & everything from this place? What would that be like?

Do you consider yourself magnificent? If you do—in what ways are you magnificent? Make a list and celebrate your magnificence. If you don't consider yourself magnificent yet, what are the reasons? List those out....then command for what you want instead. Command for an image, symbol, sign, demonstration that is a constant reminder for you; something that you can draw on when you are feeling less than your magnificent self.

What if you could pretend for just one day that you lived from your own magnificence? What would that be like? How would you see your life & other people differently? What would you say differently to yourself? What would feel different and where do you feel it?

I have shared my magnificence with you. Will you share yours with me? I want to be in relationship with other magnificent be supported by them and to support them in theirs. I desire to hear from your Magnificent Self.

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