Sunday, September 12, 2010

The One Command Car

Anything can happen when you Command for what you want and stay open to how it can show up for you.

I have a great success story about getting a car. My old car was getting on in years & we knew that we had, at best, another year before things started falling apart on her.

We’d set aside a bit of money to find a good used car, but I decided to do some Commanding to get a nice luxury car—like an older BMW. I wanted a much nicer car than I had ever had and I was curious what Commanding for one would bring me. Our son-in-law works for BMW, so we told him what we wanted & asked him to keep an eye out for what would fit our needs & budget.

It seemed impossible that I would even command for a luxury car with the money we had—but I did my Commands and turned my arguments into new Commands. Every morning I’d call in my new car—thinking it would be this small, older BMW. Weeks went by with nothing in our price range coming through. I just kept my focus on what I wanted, regardless of how improbable it seemed to get a luxury car for so little money.

The other day my husband asked if I’d be interested in an older Volvo & after thinking about it, I agreed. Within an hour our son-in-law contacted us & asked if we’d be interested in a 2004 Volvo SUV. I knew that, because I stayed open to the form in which my car would show up, I allowed in an even better car than I imagined possible.

We went the next morning to look at it and Wow! what a beautiful car. Logically, none of this should have fallen in place to buy a luxury car for so little money. But when we use The One Command, we are stepping into infinite possibilities. I know it was the Commanding and being open to receive my good that turned this into a great success story.

This is a car that I never dreamed I could ever own—and now I do. That’s why I call it The One Command Volvo.