Friday, October 30, 2009

I’ve been sharing with this group about my journey in creating the teleseminar series using TOC and the hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell. The growth that it has produced in me continues to unfold each day---even with the flu that I currently have I can feel changes still happening. What started out as this little idea about creating a ‘study group’ sort of thing has grown beyond my wildest imagination into a full blown 3 part series with a free introductory teleseminar and exercises that needed to be created and a ton of other things that I never foresaw would happen. I commanded for support and ‘magical helpers’ appeared…..Asara, Kathryn, Katie, Penny, this group and a host of others. My head is still spinning!

Asara & Kathryn have teased me for years about me being the ‘toe in the water’ kinda girl…overly cautious to the end.  I thought I would ‘dip my toe in the water’ of teleseminars and it appears I jumped off the high dive instead! The 1 hour free teleseminar that I thought would have, if I was lucky, 25 people is now at 102 people—and still growing. I am upgrading my maestro conference account a 2nd time so more people can join the call. And the notes I have received from some of the people who registered is humbling indeed---places they are stuck or in pain or with a deep desire to change something about their lives has touched my heart so deeply. There is definitely a power greater than myself with a hand in this and I am awed by it all.

When the Law of Attraction meets The One Command magic really does happen. (Hey! that’s my new byline!)