Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February is the month focused on heart, on loveSo what better month than to celebrate saying Yes! to your heart’s desires!

How many times a day do your thoughts contain the words ‘no, not, can’t, won’t, unable, no way?’ More often than not, I would venture to say. Take a few moments to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and tune into your internal experience. Pay attention to your thoughts, images and feelings. How much No! is running through them?

Our fears will cause us to say no to what we want. Our beliefs about our ‘not enoughness’, our lack of self-worth, self-confidence, self-love cause us to say No to what we want. Yes, there are times when it is in our best interest to say no. And there are days and situations where it is easy to say Yes. This Challenge of saying Yes! is about honoring your true nature, your true values, and your true hopes, dreams, wishes & desires. It is about saying Yes! to yourself—to what YOU want. Not what you think is ‘right’. Not to please another. But to please yourself.

Many of us have a streak of co-dependence running through our brain, so we say yes, even when we’d rather not. This is just another way of saying No to yourself. When you say yes to something you don’t want to do or because you think it will make another happy or because you are too afraid to say no, the word yes may be coming out of your mouth, but you are, in reality, saying No to yourself. Your body responds to the ‘no’ and that feeling you get when you’ve said no against your values. So it really is a No, in yes clothing isn’t it?

This Challenge of saying Yes! to your life is about saying Yes! to all those hopes, dreams, wishes & desires that lie within your heart. It is about saying Yes! to Life as YOU want to live it. In learning to say Yes! to yourself, you are creating right within your very cells new outcomes in your life. When you say Yes! to what you value—your life transforms itself, wraps itself around this new way of being in the world.

Think of something you really want to say Yes! to. Close your eyes and allow that thought to flow through your body. Notice what it feels like to say Yes! to a dream or a desire.
Notice how your body feels alive…or does it feel fearful? Just notice….you are simply gathering information for your commands. What happens when you say Yes! to yourself?

If your body feels alive—you can command for MORE of that aliveness in your life. If your body goes into negative, fearful thinking—what do you want instead of that? You command for those new outcomes.

The greatest gift you can give to your family and to the world is to learn to follow your heart and say Yes! to your life.

What are you saying Yes! to today?