Saturday, August 29, 2009

Musing for a Saturday afternoon

"It is not that you fall down that is important. It's how you get back up." That is the gift of being human. No matter how far we matter how deep the pit we are in, there is always an opportunity to change in the moment & experience a different outcome. We are human and we are divine, both. What a great place earth school can be when we get that we have the power to create & recreate.

Bonnie Strehlow

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Sacred Space

I went from being small and powerless, defining myself by the opinions and the perceived judgments of others. Now I am living in The New Sacred Space, ME! I am Me in every moment, every where I go, in everything I do, it’s all of who I am.

I participate in a Psychic Show Case on a regular basis. It is an interesting format, a panel of Psychic’s sit together at one large table. Each member of the audience receives a short reading from one of the panel members. I never know what the night will bring as the audience and the panel varies from week to week. Last night one of the Psychic’s (that I did a reading for 3 weeks ago), told me the reading I gave him was total B.S. and that people that give a reading like that are just “Making it up”. There was silence at the table and several open jaws! I looked down the table and replied to him, “It’s perfectly alright that you don’t like your reading. And it is okay with me that you don’t.”

I had a totally different reaction! My old behavior would have been to get into an argument, when that was not going my way, stomp out or to fill the evening with endless talk about my huge resentment! What was so amazing was to be a witness to my own total transformation. I was peaceful, calm and empowered. I was just ME in that moment. For the first time in my life Me was more than enough! I was now free to enjoy my evening, talking with friends and
clients. I even made arrangements for future business dates.

How did I get this miraculous transformation?? It was all due to The Command and The 6 Structures of Belief. I will never forget the relief I felt as years of pain transformed into tears and slid harmless down my face.

Can I get a Yea Haw?????

Penelope Jensen
Intuitive Animal Communicator
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The road to self-discovery only seems to be paved with broken glass,
once upon the path you can see it was just the refection of your own
magnificence lit by the sun! Gabrielle, Wise Kitty