Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breaking the Bondage of Stress FREE 1 hour teleseminar

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Dr. Katie Garnett and Bonnie Strehlow

Recapture the Vitality of Life
July 10th & 17th
9:00-10:30 am Pacific

Katie and Bonnie are back
with an amazing new teleseminar!

We began our journey together in 'Heal the Past Create the Future'. The journey now continues with our next teleseminar

'Recapture the Vitality of Life'!

Did you know that stress is the #1 cause for all illness and disease? Your response to stress depends upon your personality--your Behavioral DNA. We each react to stress---and heal from stress--in predictable patterns of behaviors.

You live in a 'plugged in' world with constant information overwhelming you. Your life has probably become more stressful and more complicated with each passing year. The very technology that was supposed to make your life easier has actually created more stress in your life as you try to balance your personal and professional lives.

It's often a challenge just to find a quiet place to relax in this noisy world isn't it? Everywhere you go there is something assaulting your nervous system, which causes more stress. There is even elevator music at the spas--a place where you are meant to relax and let go!

'Recapture the Vitality of Life' teleseminar teaches you to use your Behavioral DNA to move out of stress, illness and disease and step into improved health, greater vitality and increased joy in your life.

We bust through the myths of stress and show you how to use your personality to take charge of your health and vitality with simple, effective steps.

Learn how to live stress free in a stress filled world! Recapture the vitality in your life and live with renewed energy and that sense of YES!

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Breaking the Bondage of Stress
June 26th
9:00 am Pacific time

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We look forward to sharing with you how to become a Master of Feeling Great!

Katie and Bonnie

What others have to say about our teleseminars:

‘I had an Aha moment when you talked about no longer holding myself or others prisoner to my old pain. I literally feel as if I have dropped the end of a rope that tied me to my past. I am very excited to see where this all leads.’ JR

'I want to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this. Just by using the simple techniques you taught during the teleseminar, I am beginning to appreciate who I already am, and to envision more succinctly who I am becoming. I'm down loading a new paradigm and it's very exciting.' NL

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